Adam Wachtel

Over the last year and change I’ve had the opportunity to work on several deals with Bradley Weisbord. We’ve been fortunate to have been involved with some truly talented horses during this span winning a bunch of important stake and graded stake races. Together and along with some great partners we have purchased such talented horses as Quality Rocks (G3W), Sharla Rae (G1W), Lassofthemohicans (G2P), Tiz Shea D (G2W), Next Shares (G2P), Consumer Credit (G3W/G1P), Gliding By, Uncle Sigh and Runaway Posse (SP) to name a few. That’s quite a list to put together in such a short period of time. Buying thoroughbreds can be an art form. It’s not just about one’s willingness to write the biggest check for the obvious horse that everyone is focused on. Bradley has demonstrated great insight and understanding of how to find horses with talent. What he also adds is experience in being able to evaluate horses physically. I’ve been buying horses for 30 years but I cannot walk into a stall (without probably getting kicked) with the ability to discuss conformation, balance and other important aspects involved in evaluating horses. That’s why I rely on my trainers, veterinarians and also Bradley’s eye in those deals we’ve done together. Having an understanding of market value coupled with a good eye is invaluable and will continue to serve Bradley well for many years to come.

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